A rainy Saturday afternoon when you’re just looking for a soothing, yummy Vietnamese pho bowl? We got you. Sunday Brunch? That too. Cinco de Mayo? ¿Por qué no?

One of our favorite things about pho (apart from basically everything, if we’re being honest) is that it can be doctored up to suit almost any taste or occasion. And we do mean ANY occasion. Sure, Pho at a wedding reception or at the breakfast table might turn a couple of heads, but if you’re not turning a few heads, what’s the point, right?

While the possibilities for this food from humble beginnings are endless, we’re going to share with you some of our thoroughly tested and loudly applauded favorites.


Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a big hearty sandwich. And sometimes, there is. This is for those times. When you want to ditch the bread, amp up the flavor, and trade the pile of napkins for a pair of chopsticks and a soup spoon.

One of our favorites is the Bahn Mi, also hailing from Vietnam. Simply start with a bowl of our Snapdragon Beef Pho and throw in roasted pork loin, shredded carrot, radishes and cucumbers. Top it with a little cilantro, a dash of hot sauce if you’re feeling spicy, and boom! Dig in.

If you’re in the mood for a bit more of a cultural mash-up, there are few things more American than a cheeseburger. So, grill that beef patty to perfection. Smother it with slow melted cheese and cut up your favorite garnishes. We’re partial to pickles, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. Throw all those into a Vietnamese pho bowl, and your burger is served.


While soup for breakfast is popular throughout much of Asia, they’ve never really broken through in the United States. Until now, that is…

We can all agree that most things are better with an egg on top, right? And that bacon is delicious? Ok good. And that pho is the best? Of course.

Now that we’re in agreement, let’s throw a few soft boiled or fried eggs into a steaming bowl of pho, add a sew thick slices of bacon, pepper, red pepper flakes, and green onion. A few shakes of Tabasco? Sure. Now tell us that’s not better than a regular old bowl of cold cereal. We recommend our easy and tasty Bacon & Egg Pho Recipe.

Still need inspo? Check out our pho recipes and favorite add ins for more damn delicious options.