Bold, Daring, Delicious Noodles & More

We make delicious food inspired by the streets and kitchens of Asia. We’re famous for noodles but everything we make is jam-packed with flavor. We’re constantly looking for interesting and exciting ways to celebrate the collision of global cuisines with an Asian bent. For us, big, loud, smack-you-in-the-tastebuds-flavor is way more important than tradition for tradition’s sake. In fact, we love traditional dishes and recipes…as long as they’re absolutely delicious.

Call us irreverent. Call us brash. We’re cool with whatever you want to call us as long as it’s in the name of damn scrumptious food that scratches the craving itch. We’re noodle masters, not brain surgeons. We aren’t saving lives unless someone’s life depends on a soul-satisfying bowl of pho, cup of ramen, or plate of pad thai in their hands and ready to eat in a matter of minutes. In that case, sure, we’ll wear the hero’s cape to save the day.

We think food should be fun. So throw away those precious formalities, grab some chopsticks, a spoon, fork, spork, whatever, and get your slurp on.