Where can I find Snapdragon near me?

It’s our dream to have Snapdragon products within 5 blocks of every person in the world. That way, when those cravings call, we’re right there to satisfy. In the meantime, you can find our products on this site, on Amazon, or at other retailers across the country. Feel free to use our Retail Locator to find out the closest place to stock up. Just keep in mind that not all of our products are available at every store

My local stores don’t carry Snapdragon. What should I do?

Such a travesty. The best thing you can do is let the stores know how much you want them to carry these delicious things. Ask them nicely. Then ask nicely again. Some people say that you catch more bees with honey than a net or something like that. Until then, most of our products are available right here on this website. How convenient, right?

Why aren’t all of your products available to buy online?

Some of our dishes are refrigerated, which means they’re quite tricky to ship. Maybe someday, but for now we’re sticking to goods that don’t require refrigeration, dry ice, and overnight shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We wish. See an earlier answer to understand our 5-block dream. But for now, we only ship within the US as the restrictions to ship food internationally are pretty tricky. Maybe someday though.

Can I purchase the seasoning packet only?

We know you love it. We often wear it as cologne. Unfortunately, the spice and oil packets are made exclusively for our soups. But we’re always tinkering and experimenting with new products and ideas to best fill our customers’ wants and desires. So, feel free to keep telling us what you love or want.

I’m a retailer and interested in Snapdragon. Who should I contact?

First off, we’re flattered. And we’d love to partner. Please send a note to info@snapdragonfood.com with the pertinent info and we’ll put you in touch with the right peeps.

Do you participate in event sponsorship or donations?

We’re always excited to partner or help out where possible. We just need to consider them on a case-by-case basis given our relatively small team and daily demands of the business. Drop us a line here.

What’s the difference between Saigon-Style Beef Pho and Vietnamese Beef Pho?

Good question. There are literally hundreds of pho variations across Vietnam. It’s kind of like barbecue in the United States. Back to the question at hand, it’s really all about the spices, seasonings, and flavor. The Saigon-Style has a touch of sweetness. That’s it. The difference is subtle, but we nerd out on this stuff.

What’s the reasoning behind all the inside packaging?

The most important things for us are flavor and freshness. And since our noodle soups are made in Vietnam, individually wrapping all that goodness is the best way to achieve that on the journey. That said, we’re always looking at ways to innovate and maximize quality while cutting back on materials. Stay tuned…

Are the cups and bowls recyclable?

Cups? Yes. Bowls? Not yet, but we’re working on it. We haven’t quite found a fully recyclable bowl that’s sturdy enough to carry and withstand the extreme temps of boiling water or the microwave. We’re certainly trying and hope to get there soon. Fingers crossed.

Is slurping acceptable?

Hell yeah! It’s not only acceptable but encouraged. We wholeheartedly believe that If you’re not slurping it then you’re not enjoying it.

Are dragons real?

Of course. Haven’t you seen or read Game of Thrones, The Neverending Story, or Harry Potter? The real question is, can you tame the dragon? Nibble on that for a bit.