Life is a constant progression. We all start from the same place on day one and develop and grow from there. Language, relationships, careers, you name it. And thankfully for all if us, the same is true with flavor. So often, broadening one’s flavor palette is a result of exposure to different spices, cooking methods or dishes. Whether it be a result of geography, family history, travel, or pure exploration, we’re all for pushing those unsuspecting taste buds to new heights and experiences. And now, you don’t have to travel the world over for new flavors.

So, let’s start at the beginning. Childhood. For many, that means canned soup. Not that it’s bad – it’s not. It can be quite good. Chicken noodle on a cold day with the sniffles. Chili on weekends with big groups of people. Clam chowder with lots of cracked pepper and those funny little oyster crackers. Homemade turkey soup after Thanksgiving if we’re really lucky.

Then comes college, or the first time you’re out on your own. And that means those packaged little bricks of ramen. You’d be hard-pressed to find a college kid who didn’t live on that stuff for at least a short period of time. It’s cheap, it’s salty, and with an egg on top, it’s quite palatable. It’s no Snapdragon Foods ramen, but hey!

We here at Snapdragon Foods think a lot about how we contribute to this lifelong journey of flavor. We pride ourselves on delivering delicious, authentic, unique flavors from Asia straight into your kitchen. We love seeing that first bite of a new flavor and the reaction it evokes. So, without further ado, here are a few of our favorites to take your flavor palette to the next level.


There’s ramen. And then there’s Snapdragon Foods Miso Ramen. It’s savory. It’s interesting. It’s an authentic ramen shop in a cup. This rich miso-based broth will wipe away any thoughts of those college ramen experiences and transport you to the streets of Japan. The other great thing about our miso ramen? It just begs to be doctored up a bit. A soft-boiled egg? Green onions? Your favorite meat? Yes, yes, and yes.


If you’re a stranger to laksa, you’re not alone. Somehow, it’s managed to fly under the radar when compared to more common soups like ramen and pho. But thankfully, you needn’t be a stranger any longer. Snapdragon Foods Laksa Curry is a delicious blend of mild spice, rich coconut milk, and tender rice noodles. It’s a truly unique flavor, and one that just begs to be tried.