We have a secret — We. Can’t. Stop. Craving. Vietnamese. Food.

You already know why. The big, bold flavors bring your taste buds to life. The savory pho, curry, and satay leave you feeling full and, more importantly, satisfied.

Traditional Vietnamese food was once something you had to seek out at a specialty restaurant or Asian grocery store, but it’s now more accessible than ever. Find us in major retailers, like Coscto and Walmart, across the US, or order instant pho bowls and miso ramen cups via Amazon whenever the urge hits.

Whether you’re planning a hot date night at home or just need a pick-me-up at the end of a long workday, we’re here to share easy ways to enjoy mouthwatering Vietnamese food at home.


With ready-made satay chicken, you can have the nutty, sweet dish made with boneless chicken breast, satay sauce, and fresh veggies ready to eat in just a few minutes. And do you know the perfect complement to this dish? White rice. Sounds simple, right? It is. Steamed rice, like jasmine rice, is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine and can instantly make a dish more filling. Take out your rice cooker or Instapot to make perfectly fluffy rice quickly, or do it the old-fashioned way over the stove. You can serve it as a side dish, but an even better way to enjoy it is by serving your satay chicken over it. White rice is the best canvas for the nutty satay sauce. Now you’ll have a bowl full of flavorful rice to eat with the fresh vegetables and chicken that comes in this Vietnamese dish.


Is there a better pairing than a soup and sandwich on a cold day or when you need a quick and easy lunch? Does your mouth water when thinking about the classic combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup? A Vietnamese twist on this combination is Banh Mi and pho. If you have fresh bread, meat, and vegetables at home you can make this sandwich in no time. A traditional Banh Mi is made with a baguette, pork, fish sauce, pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs, but you can always add or leave out ingredients based on what you’re craving or what’s in your fridge. Then all you need is one of our pho’s and you have a full meal that’ll tickle your taste buds. The flavors of the Banh Mi go great with any kind of pho, from vegetables to the classic beef broth. For the ultimate flavor explosion, dip your sammie in the broth! And when you’re done with it, you’ll still have the rice noodles that soaked up all the additional savory broth to munch on. It’s like the meal that never ends (not that we’d ever want it to)


While our bowls of pho comes in many flavors, there’s still room to add your own culinary touch. Another traditional Vietnamese dish is sweet and sour soup. And like with nearly every food, the recipe for this classic changes depending on who you ask.

Luckily, the one-of-a-kind sweet and sour flavor can be accomplished by adding only a few ingredients to your broth; tamarind pulp, pineapple, and fish sauce. While you can definitely add other flavors, these three are what gives the soup its signature taste. If you don’t have these ingredients in your kitchen already, you can find them at a Vietnamese-style grocery store or Asian market.

For an extra kick, add some thinly sliced Thai chili peppers or jalapenos. Or if you want to tone things down and add some more sweetness, a splash of coconut milk can do the trick (and make your broth oh so creamy). Shrimp and chicken also pair well with this flavor profile, and really any seafood (salmon, cod, halibut) can be elevated by the sweet and sour broth you create.


With the weather heating up for summer, now’s the time to turn on your grill and get to making a BBQ feast. It also just happens that grilled meats pair perfectly with Vietnamese pho and ramen. The versatile broth comes in flavors like beef, vegetable, garlic, and more that complement smoked and savory meats.

Grill up a steak with your favorite spices, let it rest, and then serve it thinly sliced on top of your beef pho. If pork is more your thing, cook up some Italian sausage or kielbasa that go great with a garlic broth. Even chicken can be paired with any of the pho varieties depending on your taste.

And we haven’t forgotten about veggie lovers! Grill up all your favorite veggies like peppers, onions, and mushrooms (which are a great dupe for juicy meat), and add them to some veggie pho to bulk it up for a quick and filling meal.


When you need a comfort meal, nothing’s better than keeping your pho or ramen simple. The rice noodles and broth can be made in just a few minutes, and then you can add on some classic toppings. A soft boiled egg is a breeze to make (no seriously, it only takes six minutes), and when you cut it open it makes the broth deliciously creamy and adds an extra depth of flavor. Sliced green onions or cilantro serve as an extra burst of color and bright taste on your tongue. A dash of hot sauce, and you’ve dressed up your pho in under 10 minutes with things you already have around the kitchen.


Vietnamese food uses distinct ingredients that come together for the perfect savory, sweet, hot meal that you can eat on its own or with your own twist. And there are way more than five ways to make it in your own home!

From international fusion and super greens to comfort classics, there’s not really anything that doesn’t pair well with Vietnamese cuisine. That’s also why we’d love to see how you enjoy Vietnamese food at home. Your creativity inspires us to tweak our own recipes to create deliciously bold combinations that have never been done before.

Eating in has never felt more gourmet (or been easier) with Snapdragon’s selection of traditional pho packets, bowls, and entrees. Now you can cook up a restaurant-worthy meal right in your own kitchen and take all the credit for the savory broth and unique flavor combinations (who are we to tell?).

Need some more inspiration? Check out our recipes to see what the chefs have been creating in our test kitchen and let us know what you think!