Chicken is killing the versatility game, but it doesn’t often get the spotlight it deserves. From bland tenders to dry thighs, this meat needs plenty of seasoning and the right cooking method to keep its place as the juicy star of the dish.

Lucky for you, we have a few Vietnamese-inspired recipes that showcase full-flavored chicken and are easy to whip up in a snap. (Because what else would you expect from this cuisine?)

Here are five chicken ramen recipes for quick and easy dinners that’ll deliver the mouthwatering flavors you’ll be craving by the time you’re done reading.


Peanut sauce is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine. The perfectly nutty, sweet and savory flavor is the best complement to almost any meat and veggie, including — no surprises here — chicken ramen. Our Peanut Chicken Ramen recipe has such bold flavors and an even quicker prep time. Let’s go…

Snapdragon Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen serves as the perfect base for this recipe, while coconut milk adds another layer of sweet flavor and extra creaminess. Add turmeric, a can of fire-roasted tomatoes, and sliced yellow onion for added seasoning and bulk. For the main attraction, all you need is a cooked and shredded rotisserie chicken added to the mix.

Top everything off with chopped cilantro, a squeeze of lime, and roasted peanuts for this dish’s signature nutty flavor. And get ready for an explosion of seasonings on your tongue.


Haven’t you heard? Chicken noodle soup isn’t just for the sniffles anymore. This Vietnamese twist on the classic is comfort in a bowl. The foundation of this dish is Snapdragon Chicken Ramen. The savory broth immediately soothes your taste buds, but doesn’t overpower the other fresh ingredients in this dish.

First, add in shredded and cooked rotisserie chicken. Then, throw in chopped carrots, celery, yellow onion, and parsley to taste. (Want to add more of your favorite veggies? Go off. We won’t tell.)

A final squeeze of lemon brings these flavors to life and adds a note of freshness that’s missing in the classic chicken noodle soup — all the seasonings, none of the sneezes.


The marriage between an Italian dish and Vietnamese flavors has never been more delicious than in our Italian Wedding Ramen. While our recipe calls for beef pho, Snapdragon Miso Ramen is the perfect substitute if you’re craving these perfectly tender and hearty noodles.

The pièce de résistance of this dish are chicken meatballs. Use your go-to recipe and doctor it up with spices, or heat up some of your favorite frozen meatballs.

We’ll share another secret: Cook your chicken meatballs in an air fryer for a faster cook time, easier cleanup, and perfectly cooked bites that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Top it off with some baby spinach, granulated garlic, and grated parmesan for a dish that would make an Italian grandmother proud.


Fried chicken and cole slaw are a dynamite pair, so of course they’ll work well with ramen. While you can’t go wrong with some fried chicken thighs from your favorite restaurant, we recommend using this recipe from The Stay at Home Chef if you want to make them fresh. The secret to this step is the use of cornstarch (a must-have in Asian fried chicken recipes) for a bangin’ crunch.

To complete our Fried Chicken & Cole Slaw Ramen recipe, you’ll need Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho, cole slaw ranch, and sriracha to top things off. That’s all you’ll need to have a spicy, crispy bowl of pho that would fit right in at a summer cookout.


Crack open a hot one for this last recommendation. This dish might not be ramen, but this spicy special still deserves a spot on this list. Buffalo chicken has a well-deserved ranking of a classic American go-to grub because it packs in plenty of flavor.

While our recipe calls for Snapdragon Laska, you can alternatively use ramen as the base and add a dash of coconut milk for added creaminess. Add some mouthwatering buffalo chicken strips or simply top some breaded chicken with your desired amount of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Don’t forget to add sliced celery for crunch and ranch or blue cheese dressing to cool everything down.

This chicken ramen recipe may not be for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for spice seekers.


Vietnamese flavors and cooking techniques instantly elevate chicken and make a hearty meal all will love. And while these recipes are a good place to start, there are an infinite number of food and flavor combinations you can create with Snapdragon’s selection of traditional pho packets, bowls, and more.