Pho, like so many delicious foods, is now more accessible than ever. You don’t need to seek out a restaurant to sit down in front of a piping hot, mouthwatering bowl of Vietnamese pho. You get it right at home. And here’s even better news: you don’t need to buy a gigantic stockpot or make your own rice noodles to make this delicious concoction that’s layered in flavor and dripping in goodness. We’re going to break down three ways to eat pho at home, from the deliciously simple to the delicious, and, well, still pretty simple.


We’re going to start with the simplest of all. A little something we like to call naked pho (get your head out of the gutter, it’s the pho that’s naked). Go get yourself a few Snapdragon Vietnamese pho bowls (or a whole bunch of ‘em). Whether it’s beef, veggie, mushroom, or garlic, the process is the same. JUST ADD WATER. That’s it! All the hard work is done. We make all of our pho the traditional way, in Vietnam, so that all you have to do is add hot water or throw it in the microwave. In 2 minutes, you’re transported.


Add beef? Sure. Chicken? Delicious. Pineapple, bacon, or meatballs? Please do. The world is your oyster. In fact, let’s add a few oysters, too. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than taking something tried and true and making it your own. Starting with our Vietnamese pho bowls, we’ve created a delicious and unique list of recipes that are sure to make an impression. From French Onion to Mexican Street Corn Pho, we got you covered.


The rules are out the window. They’ve escaped and are long gone by now, running away down the street at top speed. So what do you do now? The short answer: anything you want. Who says you can’t throw in a lobster tail or two? Not us. Go crazy. And when you do, let us know. There’s nothing we love more than seeing all of your amazing creations.

Pro Tip: If you love Vietnamese pho (like we do), get yourself a few reusable pho spoons to keep at home. We prefer the porcelain variety. They’re easy to find, easy to clean, and they make living that pho life just that much better.