Vietnamese line

Stove Top Cooking Directions:

1. Add noodles to 2 cups of boiling water and boil for 90 seconds.

2. Drain water completely from noodles.

3. Place completely drained noodles in bowl and add 6 oz of hot water (212°F).

4. Add the seasoning and oil packs and stir.

5. Enjoy!

Microwave Directions

Microwave 6 oz of hot water for 3 minutes and pour over noodles. Add seasoning and oil packs. Cover and let stand for 4 minutes. Serve. Caution: Handle hot water with care to avoid spills and burns. Because of differences in microwave power, cooking times may vary.

Vegetable Vietnamese Pho

Everywhere you go in Vietnam, you will find a different version of pho, a traditional noodle soup. Snapdragon® pho is made the classic way with chili and spices and pho-styled rice noodles.Wild mushrooms are harvested by hand, then dried and blended with authentic Vietnamese spices to make this classic favorite.Add sliced beef for an authentic variation. A quick and healthy treat.